Ibrahim Ibrahim El Nattar

Ibrahim Ibrahim El Nattar

No. 35, El Shishiny St. Shoubra Gardens, El Sahel, Post Code: 11241 Cairo, Egypt




Birth date: June 8, 1951 Place of Birth: Port Said Citizenship: Egyptian




Bachelor of Science May 1973

Alexandria University, Alexandria, 1969/1970 – 1972/1973 Specialization: Geology

Major: Geology




Technical Advisor &Coordinator, International Consulting LTD, Egypt. 2010 – Now

Vice President, The Arab African Council on Socio-economic Development, 2010-Now

Staff Member, the Arab African Initiative, 2007- 2009

Technical Advisor, Ministry of Mineral Resources &Energy, National Directorate of Mines, Maputo, Mozambique, 1999- 2006

Informal Scientific Advisor, Embassy of Arab Republic of Egypt in Maputo, Mozambique, 2004-2006

Head of Cartography Department, Geological Survey of Egypt, 19992-1999

Consultant Materials Engineer, Saudi Consulting Services (Saudi Consult), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 1991-1992

Cartography Department Deputy Director/Senior Geologist, Geological Survey of Egypt, 1989-1991

Exploration Geologist, Free Port Egyptian Sulphur Co. (Company organized and


existing under the laws of the State of Delaware, USA), El Arish, North Sinai, Egypt, 1988-1989

Exploration Geologist, Geological Survey of Egypt, 1985-1988

Consultant Materials Engineer, Rashid Engineering, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 1982-1985

Field Geologist (Regional Mapping), Geological Survey of Egypt, 1973-1982




Teamwork Leader, Map production, Geological Survey of Egypt, 1992-1999 Trainer, Staff members of National Directorate of Mines, Maputo, Mozambique, 1999-2006



Research papers &publications

  • “Base& alloyed metals”. Properties, uses and occurrences in Mozambique, Report (unpublished), Mozambique, 2006
  • “Raw materials for cement and lime production in Mozambique, localities and estimated reserves, Mozambique, 2006
  • Precious metals in Mozambique” brochure, Mozambique, 2004
  • Base precious& semi-precious stones potential in Mozambique “brochure, Mozambique, 2003
  • “Fluorite in Zambezi Valley”, Mozambique, 2001
  • Major mineral deposits and occurrences in Zambezi Valley, Mozambique, 2001
  • “Aerial photographs, geological, topographical and Aerial maps data base, Geological Survey of Egypt, Egypt, 1996
  • Saving and retrieval of data, Cartography Dep., Geological Survey of Egypt, Egypt, 1994
  • Management and conservation of marine resources, Sea Bed Mining, Course Report, University of Helsinki Finland, 1990
  • Oil and gas in Egypt, report, Annex 9-14, International Ocean Institute & Academy of Scientific Research &Technology, Egypt, 1989
  • ‘ Geology of the north Bahariya Oasis and south of Qattara Depression, Western Desert ,Egypt, Annals of the Geological Survey of Egypt, Egypt, Vol. XII , 283-303,1982

Geological Mapping projects

(Map editing team member &Cartography team Leader for:


  • Joint Geological Mapping Project with Industrial Research Center, Libya, 2 sheets scale of 1:250.000, Geological Survey of Egypt, Egypt, 1997
  • Geological maps produced in collaboration with British Geological Survey,6 sheets scale 1: 250.000, Geological Survey of Egypt , Egypt,

1992-1997Geological map[s produced by Geological Survey of Egypt,12sheets scale 1: 100.000&1:150.000, Egypt , 1986-1996

  • Geological maps sponsored by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology ( Sinai Development Research Council ) ,5 sheets scale 1:250.000, Egypt,1992-1995
  • Geological maps sponsored by Hydrological Research Institute,2 sheets scale 1: 000, Geological Survey of Egypt , Egypt , 1986



Letters of References &Recommendation

  • Manager &Team player, The Arab African Initiative , Egypt , 2007-2009
  • Technical Advisor, Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, National Directorate of Mines, Republic of Mozambique, 1999-2006
  • Technical Advisor& Team member for Contract evaluation Mineral Resources Management Capacity Building Project, Project Implementation Unit, Republic of Mozambique, 1999-2006
  • Technical Advisor” assistance provided to the Department , National Directorate of Geology, Republic of Mozambique, 1999-2006
  • Technical Advisor , “ Advisory services , cooperation, contributions and participations “, Former National Director, National Directorate of Mines , Republic of Mozambique, 1999-2006
  • Scientific Advisor as well as Researcher in social and economic development fields, Embassy of The Arab Republic of Egypt in Maputo , Mozambique,1999-2006
  • Consultant Geologist in Maputo , Mozambique, The Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with Africa , Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt , 1999-2006
  • Research Team Member , Geotechnical study for Abu Simble City , The General Authority for Urban Planning, Egypt, 1998-1999
  • Consultancy Materials Engineer , Saudi Engineering Consultancy Services, Saudi Arabia , 1991-1992
  • Consultancy Materials Engineer , Rashid Engineering , Saudi Arabia,1982-1985



  • Advisor &Coordinator. International Consulting LTD
  • Vice president, The Arab African Council on Socioeconomic Development
  • Mahager7Team player , The Arab African Initiative
  • Advisor , National Directorate of Mines , Mozambique
  • Director , Cartography Geological Survey of Egypt
  • Consultant Materials Engineer, Saudi Consulting Services , Saudi Arabia ,
  • Deputy Director Cartography , Geological Survey of Egypt
  • Team Member , Free Pot Egyptian Sulfur Company
  • Exploration team member , Geological Survey of Egypt
  • Consultant Materials Engineer , Rashid Engineering , Saudi Arabia,
  • Team Member , regional geology , Geological Survey of Egypt



  • The second African Congress for scientific Research & Technology, November,.


  • The UN 13th Congress of the Names Society of South Africa, United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names South Africa Division, Conference,2004
  • Group of Interests (stakeholders)Mining Mineral and Sustainable Development in South Africa , Meeting, 2002
  • Heavy Sands Projects , Mozambique, Meeting , 2001
  • 8th Mining and Marketing Subcommittee Meeting, “ Southern African Development Community” ( SADC ), Mining Sector Coordinating Unit, Mozambique, April 2000
  • 12th Symposium on Pre-Cambrian &Development, National Committee of Geological Science, Egypt, February 1999
  • The international Conference on the occasion of Geological Survey of Egypt Centennial , November,1996
  • 11th Symposium on Pre-Cambrian &Development, Egyptian Geological Survey with a contribution from the Regional Office – UNESCO, Cairo, Egypt, January 1995
  • The International Symposium and Workshop on “Shifting Desert Margins and Pala monsoons of The Old World “ International Geological Correlation Program ( IGCP 349), Egyptian Geological Survey , Egyptian Geographical Society and Egyptian Society for Quaternary Studies, September 1993
  • 7th Symposium on Pre-Cambrian & Development , National Committee of Geological Sciences, Geological Survey of Egypt ,and The Egyptian


Petroleum Exploration Society , February 1989

  • 5th African Geological Conference , Geological SURVEY OF Egypt , October 1979



  • ‘ Reduce the Negative Impacts of Natural Disasters, Cairo University and African Society in Cairo , Egypt 2007
  • Number of TV Interviews & News papers
  • Reports on conservation and protection of Egyptian Heritage