Enerkon Solar International (ENERKON) Announces Shareholder/Investor Conference Call on Monday, March 15, 2021

New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – March 12, 2021) – Enerkon Solar International Inc. (OTC Pink: ENERKON) (“ENERKON”) (“The Company”) announced today that it will host a shareholder/investor conference call on Monday, March 15, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. EST.

During the call, management will discuss the Company’s positive earnings and growth, recent corporate actions, and announcement of other significant developments at the Company. There will also be updates provided with respect to ongoing projects.

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Enerkon Solar International Chairman Mr. Benjamin Ballout stated: “The ENERKON Shareholder/Investor Conference Call on Thursday March 11th of this week to update our loyal shareholders and investors on current earnings, operations, acquisitions, and near-term future plans and aspirations went well, with the exception of some technical issues and therefore, the call will be repeated on Monday March 15th at 2 PM EST USA. The call will be open to the public and have a question-and-answer segment included in the video call and, afterwards, a recorded video version will be posted on the Company website, Twitter and YouTube for use by the general public, shareholders and others.

“Loyal ENERKON shareholders are the ‘ENERKON ARMY’, and we will always support their best interests working to enhance shareholder value and steady growth.”

The Company will continue to post additional documents, video, and information on their website about the new acquisition of CoviKlear Holdings International for which a release was posted. The Company is now 100% owned by ENERKON by virtue of the payment and closing documents signed by ENERKON and the President of CoviKlear Holdings International (UK); additional information on the progression of large projects already signed recently, and others in the pipeline, will include information on financial performance and comparative performance over the past 3 years, as well as other valuable information related to biographies of new board members and company advisers target for new positions with ENERKON in the near term and other information useful to ENERKON shareholders, investors and the general public.

In addition, as ENERKON is comprised of 7 companies including corporate wholly or majority owned divisions, corporate information for each will be posted on the Company website for ways of search as some shareholders or investors have mentioned it was difficult to locate some of the data online, therefore the Company shall post the legal documents and status information online for all to review and take into consideration.

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Mr. Ballout concluded that the Company is proud of its commercial relationship with companies and personalities in Ukraine and are very positive on the development of the mutual cooperation while the Company rejects any negative journalism related to geopolitical tensions in the region or the US-Ukraine relations which are not the Company’s business, but the business between the governments, whereas the Company’s interaction is ONLY 100% commercial, with no political activities whatsoever.

“During the previous US Administration, the Press reported heavily on Ukraine in a politicized manner and today in this new administration we find a more balanced approach and more legitimate journalism here at home, while there remain detractors in the Eastern European Region (against east west cooperation), for which we absolutely reject and insist that journalists must be only, ethical and accurate as to facts, in their reporting, or coverage of such issues.

“The Commercial opportunities are significant, and the markets are vast indeed as to mutual commercial cooperation between American companies and Ukraine, Public Private Partnerships (PPP/BOOT etc.).”

WORLD BANK / UN PPP Explanation of how Countries take advantageous PPPs to reach heir FDI and development aspirations

Cannot view this video? Visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3h_PEVu6Wlk

The previously reported meetings of officials involved in development of commercial and industrial development had an initial schedule for March 15th which is postponed due to schedule conflicts, until approximately 20 days more, at which time ENERKON will issue additional updates on its Public Private Commercial Cooperation (PPP) with Ukraine and American companies.

In previous comments regarding the ongoing commercial interaction between Ukraine and SpaceX, the Company wants to clarify that any talks or contracts would be directly with the Government of the Ukraine Space Program personalities and the SpaceX Company and not ENERKON or Diplomatic Trade, who only reached out to support meetings and scheduling, in support of the commercial interaction, as a friendly support to the Company’s brotherly commercial interlocutors in the country of Ukraine assisting them within the appropriate decorum and normal constraints, to reach their commercial and economic aspirations.

The Company additionally presented (through the assistant to the Chairman of the ECO WORLD ALLIANCE) a value proposition, issued by them to the attention of the appropriate authorities in the Ukraine – offering over $I billion dollars in financial support for social programs and other program support using their unique capacity exchange trade unit of settlement to accomplish the economic aspirations of the Ukraine Financial Development Policy.

“Separately with our financial partners GREEN BONDS we discussed informally with our commercial interlocutors, to support UKRAINE in obtaining access to significant funds on the capital markets who are very bullish on GREEN BONDS issued by sovereign states – whereas ENERKON hopes they will proceed with our recommendations and offer of support in this regard as well.”


Cannot view this video? Visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3gIJrABLSc

“We thank our ENERKON ARMY (shareholders) and look forward to speak to you live on Monday, March 15, 2021 at 2 PM EST (USA).”

The foregoing statements are forward looking statements, and as such, they may or may not reflect the results which could transpire in the future which should be negative or not transpire at all due to circumstances or other reasons and investors, shareholders, or others should not rely on these forward-looking statements to ascertain any value if any of ENERKON or to make any investment decisions and to take note that this is not an offer to buy or sell securities or an endorsement of ENERKON for investment purposes as all investment carry a risk of loss sometimes a total loss of your investment in Micro cap shares markets or any market and therefore such statements or plans should not be relied upon for any business decisions of any kind – Approval and permissions required by federal regulations may or may not be approved and if not approved may result in the loss of all value and all investments in products requiring such regulatory permissions to market and sell. These statements are made as forward-looking statements for educational purposes only in accordance with the rules and regulations which pertain to the same.

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