Enerkon Solar International Inc. (ENERKON) Announces its First Contingent Order for the SARS2 COVID19 15 Second “Insta Test”

New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – May 11, 2021) – Enerkon Solar International Inc. (OTC Pink: ENERKON) announces today its first Contingent Order for the SARS2 COVID19 15 second “Insta Test” as produced by Graphene Leaders Canada with Co sales via KrowdX and Coviklear Holdings (an ENERKON wholly owned division).

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Mr. Benjamin Ballout, ENERKON CEO stated: “KrowdX, with support from Coviklear, has received an order contingent upon FDA EUA – for the device, for a minimum of 500 Units per Month for an annual period,”

“In USD terms, the contingent order value is $28,000,000 per month based on the $55.00 biosensor and plunger sets, and taking into account that only enough base units will be purchased to cover the estimated 2000 tests per base unit calculation per month, rather than 500K base units for clarity,”

“This is a great start for the new company acquisition of Coviklear Holdings Intl (UK) and its CO Sales Partner KrowdX in Canada, the main distributor with Graphene leaders and equated to about $320 Million annually – This order was placed by an NGO operating in the Dominican Republic with a Major Medical Foundation.”

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“Coviklear is due 20% of all order revenue presented through its sales network – therefore the gross revenue would be $62 Million USD annually, subject to the EUA approval at the FDA, which the company expects to be approved very soon.”

“Additional orders are due to be received this week from several countries – one of whom may waive the EUA authorization altogether and allow sales in their country as is – since the device is noninvasive.”

Lastly, in other news:

“The company is hiring survey and other outsource for the New Land purchase in the closing process at Pennsylvania – supporting the companies 122 acre solar array and Hydrogen Production Plans for Carbon County PA, bringing in many jobs and economic benefits to the State, while being safe for the community – due to the protective precautions which shall be implemented once the project is fully operational.”

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ENERKON – 122 acres of commercial land to establish the planned 20 MW Solar and Hydrogen Plant facility To view an enhanced version of this graphic, please visit: https://orders.newsfilecorp.com/files/7322/83637_d9e4f231f41358b7_003full.jpg

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Cannot view this image? Visit: https://orders.newsfilecorp.com/files/7322/83637_d9e4f231f41358b7_005.jpg ENERKON – USA Based Utility Scale Solar Power and Hydrogen Production Project  To view an enhanced version of this graphic, please visit: https://orders.newsfilecorp.com/files/7322/83637_d9e4f231f41358b7_005full.jpg

The foregoing statements are forward-looking statements, and as such, they may or may not reflect the results which could transpire in the future which should be negative or not transpire at all due to circumstances or other reasons and investors, shareholders, or others should not rely on these forward-looking statements to ascertain any value if any of ENERKON or to make any investment decisions and to take note that this is not an offer to buy or sell securities or an endorsement of ENERKON for investment purposes as all investment carry a risk of loss sometimes a total loss of your investment in Micro cap shares markets or any market and therefore such statements or plans should not be relied upon for any business decisions of any kind – Approval and permissions required by federal regulations may or may not be approved and if not approved may result in the loss of all value and all investments in products requiring such regulatory permissions to market and sell. These statements are made as forward-looking statements for educational purposes only in accordance with the rules and regulations which pertain to the same.

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