Enerkon has managed to successfully lead and deliver some of the most complex projects for our global customer base.

– 500MW Solar Plant in Gaza Province Mozambique (Sold to Al-Fada Holding

U.K. For $38 Million Note Swap).

– Hydrogen Electrolysis Plant at the ChNPP site.

– 5G Telecom Network Consortium Management and Financing for Ukraine

State Telecom Holding.

– Pennsylvania land lease with option to purchase along with developing 20MW

solar and 100MT/month Hydrogen Production Facility in combination with an

Agri-Tech Test Program at the same site (Hydroponic – AI-driven computer

controlled Indoor Agriculture).

– CoviKlear U.K Holding co. Acquisition to co-sell a device owned by GLC

Canada; a patented OEM medical device for rapid testing of Covid19 using

graphene biosensor technology.

– Wattozz Holdings, a New Electroshock System for Police Control (Taser Gun

type non-Lethal Wireless Weapon System)