US M&A partner, Enerkon Solar International (ENERKON OTC) Takes 20% of Albayraklar a Major Turkish Defense Company

DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA, USA, Apr 24, 2020 – (ACN Newswire) – – Enerkon CEO Mr. Benjamin Ballout stated that “An agreement was signed this week on the purchase of 20 percent shares in Albayraklar Defense, a subsidiary of Albayraklar Holding, to Enerkon – (ENERKON).”

In addition to the sale of shares, a company under the name of Wattozz Holdings Inc was established in the USA, and that 49 percent of this firm would belong to the Turkish side. According to the statement, the Wattozz company as an ENERKON corporate Division under the license of Enerkon, will be listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange trading under its own symbol and trade name.

Wattozz, Albayraklar Defense EW Division plans mass production, electric weapons factories to be established in Turkey and two in the United States which will create many jobs at this critical time and market to National and International Police and Military Organizations.

Among the world famous products of Albayraklar Savunma, wireless electroshock gun Wattozz (a replacement for the common Taser type weapon) can be controlled remotely, with NO wires and the T61 gun modification system, which eliminates the problem of kickback and hacking in all kinds of short or long barreled rifles and pistols, comes to the fore. The aircraft, (UAV) which has a 3-axis firing capability, will be produced in the factory’s, which would start operating in the USA if or when regulatory approvals are obtained from Federal Authorities.

Mr. Ballout thanked Mr. Harun Sevimli – CEO of Sevtron Global for introducing the transaction to ENERKON and agreeing to take a board position in the new company.

Mr. Ballout further stated that a BakerTilly Valuation report issued on the Patents and Product Market Values exceeded $1 Billion USD for the Albaraklar products are now combined with the ENERKON-Albaraklar international Partnership and Major USA Police Union affiliates have expressed interest in the new taser type, Police Defense Weapon System.

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